Fintes Drago - Falcon Super 120's - Water Repellent €625/-with standard lining,
This bunch comprises a selection of the very best fabrics for the most exclusive worldwide bespoke tailors that DRAGO Spa offers in a refined combination of designs and colours. We select the best Superfine Merino Wool lots from Australia, which we process through our totally vertical company, to produce 100% Made in Italy fabrics with imcomparable levels of quality and refinement.

801401-520 Grey with Blue Checks

801407-520 Light Grey with Checks

801409-520 Light Blue with Checks

801411-520 Brown with Checks

801414-520 Brown with Subtle Checks

801417-520 Dark Blue with Subtle Checks

801421-520 Dark Grey with Blue Stripes

801423-520 Dark Grey Herringbone

801438-520 Light Grey Shark Skin

801546-520 Black

801451-520 Brown
801402-520 Blue with Red Checks

801408-520 Dark Grey with Checks

801410-520 Dark Blue with Checks

801412-520 Blue with Subtle Checks

801416-520 Dark Grey with Subtle Checks

801418-520 Brown with Checks

801422-520 Blue with Brown Stripes

801424-520 Dark Blue Herringbone

801440-520 Dark Grey Shark Skin

801448-520 |Dark Blue