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Cool Wool, € 500/-

This "Cool Wool" light weight new bunch offers a selection of summer suiting and trousers for those who make elegance their lifestyle. Some of the designs are classic while some others are subtle fancy. The elegant fabric of this bunch has been specially designed to be worn. It's durable nature makes it an ideal fabric for whom likes to be in style without foregoing the qualities of versatility and comfort.

1058-02-200 Dark grey with blue stripes

1058-40-200 Charcoal grey with grey stripes

1058-45-200 Charcoal grey with white stripes

1058-50-200 Black with grey stripes

1058-57-200 Blue with grey pinstripe

1059-39-200 Dark grey

1059-30-200 Dark grey
1058-18-200 Dark blue with blue stripes

1058-42-200 Blue with grey stripes

1058-47-200 Dark blue with white stripes

1058-55-200 Charcoal grey with grey pinstripe

1059-36-200 Light grey

1059-46-200 Dark Blue