Charles Clayton Grandmaster, Super 180's, € 2425/-with standard lining,
This ultrafine, luxurious fabric is produced from the very rare fleeces of Superfine Merino sheep, reared on the famous "Argyle" farm in Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.Each year, every ewe is individually tested and classified to conform to the highest possible standard of wool quality and style.Whits this extremely precious fibre, we have produced under the most stringent quality control procedures, a strictly limited quantity of Grandmaster for the most discerning client.
Made in England. 
2108-03-3300 Charcoal grey with red stripes

2108-06-3300 Black with subtle red stripes

2108-12-3300 Dark grey with pinstripes

2108-14-3300 Charcoal grey with very subtle pinstripes

2108-18-3300 Dark blue with blue stripes

2108-22-3300 Dark grey

2108-25-3300 Black blue chambray

2108-27-3300 Black

2108-29-3300 Dark grey

2108-05-3300 Dark blue with blue stripes

2108-07-3300  Very dark blue with stripes

2108-13-3300 Dark blue with pinstripes

2108-16-3300 Light grey with blue stripes

2108-19-3300 Dark grey with very dark grey stripes

2108-24-3300 Dark grey chambray

2108-26-3300 Dark grey

2108-28-3300 Dark blue

2108-31-3300 Very dark blue